From fundraising to educating, we've taken on all kinds of projects for many different clients.

A compilation of some of The Doodle People's projects

Virtual Reality

USC Virtual Classroom

The USC virtual classroom aims to bring learning into the future by making online learning more interactive.

DOTS Five Stones Collaboration

Five Stones Theatre wanted to push the limits of theatre and combine art, technology and performance in an interactive way.

Social AR

CNY Filter

We were inspired to create this mini game by the Chinese New Year (CNY) themes of family and fun.

Social AR

ChariTrees AR

The ChariTrees initiative wanted to raise donations in the spirit of Christmas

Social AR

NTU Presentation Video

Research associates from NTU wanted to present their work on Singaporean companies

Motion Graphics

Daimler Promotional Video

Daimler wanted a video that could inform resellers about their financing programme in a concise way

Motion Graphics

C42 Azure Dance-off

Centre 42 wanted to empower artists by creating a virtual art space so they could fully express themselves online

Immersive AR

SMRT Informational Video

SMRT wanted to improve their PR outreach and explain to audiences what improvements were being made.

Motion Graphics

WIT Conference Introductory Video

WIT Conference wanted to create an exciting introductory music video to engage and motivate audiences

Motion Graphics

Zonta Project Pari

Zonta Club of Singapore wanted to raise funds for Project Pari, which uplifts underprivileged teen girls

Whiteboard Animation

NCDCC Explanatory Video

The national Civil Defence Cadet Corps (NCDCC) wanted to present new programmes for cadets at their parade.

Whiteboard Animation

Doodle Bunny Stickers

These adorable mascot bunny stickers are an in-house project created to bring a little fun into everyday life.


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