Immersive AR

Translate natural body motion of physical audiences into virtual content

How does it work?


Immerse physical audiences with on-site interactive digital content

Augmented Reality (AR) is a creative and highly effective tool that adds an extra layer of content, such as 2D/3D characters, image, video, text, and more, to everyday objects and environments.


AR revolutionizes how audiences are engaged in the greatest imaginable way. AR can also changes existing spaces, like parks, museums, streets and even the classroom – allowing audiences a new way to view the world.

Immersive AR is for physical sites and events. Translate the natural body motion of physical audiences into virtual content that is shareable online or on media platforms.

3D depth cameras enable the tracking of physical audiences at live events, conferences or even in-store. Attract attention through exciting visuals displayed on screens that invite the viewer to interact. Every physical movement provides feedback to the audience as the visuals react, move, shift and transform. The audiences turn from passive viewer into an active player that interacts with the content of your brand or company.

Add a layer of captivating content to the real world of your users. Immerse physical audiences with exclusive on-location interactive digital content that translates body motion into virtual content. 


Contact us today to start developing Immersive AR content for your physical campaigns and events. Empower your physical audience with digital visual storytelling tools. 

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Immersive AR

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