How does it work?


Immerse physical audiences with interactive digital content

Animation + Augmented Reality (AR) solutions in one package. Captivate and engage your audience with animated videos and call them to action with augmented reality interactive experiences.

Our animated videos, made through Whiteboard or 2D/3D Motion Graphics, attracts the attention of the audience and effectively conveys a story or distills information. Once the video is finished, users can then jump straight into the Augmented Reality experiences that becomes a takeaway with impact, of which can be shared online to friends or family.

Digital campaigns can leverage the dynamic combination of Animation + Augmented Reality for social media such as Instagram/Facebook. Our animated videos can be posted to Instagram/Facebook stories, and act as a call-to-action for the user to participate in AR effects on the branded account. 

Physical events can interest visitors with a combination of Animation + Augmented Reality through projectors and screens. Catch the attention of visitors with dynamic visuals and invite them to participate in an Immersive AR experience where their natural body motion is translated directly to the screen. Visitors are then compelled to share this unique experience through video recordings or photos of the event, generating great interest.

With a ton of events running everyday, stand out and above the crowd with our integrated solution of Animation + Augmented Reality. Contact us today.

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