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Engage digital audiences with AR effects that transform content

How does it work?


Turn passive digital audiences into active visual storytellers

AR is a creative and highly effective tool that adds an extra layer of content, such as 2D/3D characters, image, video, text, and more, to everyday objects and environments.


AR revolutionizes how audiences are engaged in the greatest imaginable way. AR can also changes existing spaces, like parks, museums, streets and even the classroom – allowing audiences a new way to view the world.

Social AR are Augmented Reality effects tailor made to be effective for Facebook and Instagram through the SparkAR platform. These effects take on the form of face effects, world effects, mini-games, image recognition/tracking. Through the deployment of these effects, businesses can leverage their digital communities to share their content through visual storytelling.


Add a layer of interesting content to the real world of your users. Immerse them with face-changing effects or challenge them to beat high scores of a mini-game.


Contact us today to start developing effective Social AR content for Instagram and Facebook. Empower your digital community with visual storytelling tools. 

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Social AR

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