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Immersive AR

The best way to describe immersive augmented reality is an interactive digital installation. It works like an attraction for live events, drawing in curious crowds of people. Participants stand in front of a screen and watch as their movements are mirrored by bright colors and lights. It can change people’s perception of the physical space. Through their digital avatar users can create stunning visual effects and shareable videos. 


We use special 3D cameras to track the position and movements of people in real time. Using specialised software, we translate all the information we gathered into a striking digital world. We can customise this digital world to look however you want. Whether it be full of sparkles that enhance your actions or a blank canvas waiting to be drawn on. 

immersive augmented reality installation with kids and colors.

The ability to physically connect with the digital world captivates people. It not only sparks curiosity but brings out the urge to play and experiment. These qualities make immersive augmented reality the perfect way to attract attention. It not only gets passers by to stop and take a look at your event, it also holds their interest so you can communicate your message. 


That said, immersive augmented reality can do so much more than just attract attention. The Doodle People has been working in collaboration with several performing arts organisations to combine performance and technology. In a time when in-person concerts and shows are not possible, this futuristic technology has huge potential. We work with artists to reduce their innovation risks and bring their ideas to life. We are pushing the limits of what a performance could mean and look like by developing prototypes for entertainers. 


Immersive Augmented Reality gives your audience the ability to personalise their experience with your material. It transforms your audience into storytellers, artists and creators. With this technology you can take your content one step further than flat, passive consumption. Immersive augmented reality is a tool that brings you into a future where technology enhances connection instead of smothering it. Break through the conventional roles of producer and consumer. Talk to us today to empower your audiences and allow them to interact with your content like never before.

Immersive augmented reality with 2 girls and purple lights

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