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Virtual Worlds

These showcases developed by The Doodle People demonstrate the exciting possibilities of immersive experiences in the virtual world.

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A virtual world based off Toll Group's Singapore-based Innovation Center, brought to life using and Unity Engine.

Toll Omniverse - Virtual Innovation Center

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MOE TCEF Conference

A virtual event space created for Singapore Ministry of Education's (MOE) 2023 Teachers' Conference and ExCEL Fest (TCEF), using and Unity Engine.

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Besides providing an alternative classroom, educators can take their students to various places (digitally recreated) for more immersive and interactive online lessons.

USC x Meta Eduverse

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A collaboration with a local artist to design four different heritage foods that could be brought to life as AR. Machine learning was applied as the combinations of colors that could be used were limitless.


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This VR experience is part of the joint initiative between the National Arts Council Singapore and the Arts Council Korea, with the intention of promoting arts and culture exchange between artists, creatives and technologists of the two nations.


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Cloud House

A 3D rendition of a former arts house, Centre 42 that hosted a virtual event, Love Letters and through the process of photogrammetry, we captured a digital rendering of the building. 

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A one-player theatrical game experience that invited players on a journey into the mind of Sara and asks that they navigate her web of complex thoughts and feelings with care.


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Fashion Runway

A VR clothes-shopping experience. 
Participants can view the various clothes on display and even choose to view it on a 3D model strutting down a fashion runway.

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A VR experience showcasing a living space as realistically as possible.
Viewers can select the furniture to find out more and purchase the actual product.

Living Space Showroom

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