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KINetic was a live performance across different time zones taking place within a digital space, Pluritopia built on VR Chat. Working with a Korean artist, Gayoung An, The Doodle People designed an immersive fantasy digital world where performers and the audience could interact.

National Arts Council (NAC)
Virtual Reality
  • Collaborating across borders
  • Interacting and performing in the virtual space

Utilising motion capture technology such as HTC Vive Pro Virtual Reality goggles and AI powered 3D body tracking on the performers, Rachel Nip and Ammar “Ameezy”, we transported their avatars to the KINetic fantasy world. 

KINectic explored new models of interaction and choreography in the digital space, fusing recorded and live performances. Through cross border collaboration and participation, this digital performance opened up new modes of audience participation and engagement. This resulted in richer experiences in the digital world.


“For this project, we explored the possibilities of virtual dance and movement. We were always interested in how people can interact with movement in the virtual space. In KINetic, we wanted the audience to experience site specific dance performance that is done live simultaneously from Singapore and South Korea,” Rachel Nip, performer. 


“The metaverse is exciting and full of possibilities for the performing arts. I don’t envisage it as a replacement for physical live experiences, but as an avenue to complement the physical. It can also offer a new genre and medium for digital arts experiences to be created and presented in, that cuts across borders, bringing the world closer,” Timothi Lim, Creative Director, The Doodle People.

KINetic was part of Pluritopia’s Cloud Studios’ event where we collaborated with the producers of Cloud Studios and Korean artists to build a fantasy virtual environment in the Cloud that will grow into a larger Pluritopia multiverse over time.

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