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Social AR

Social AR allows you to interact with digital media in the real world through your smartphone camera. There are a range of effects to choose from. Some change your appearance, others transport you to different worlds or allow you to interact with digital characters. We can even create augmented reality mini games that you control by moving your head or hands. Social AR  is usually accessible through social media so it can be shared with friends and family. 


The Doodle People saw the need for new media technology that allows people to connect on a deeper level. Right now connections can feel superficial and less human because interaction between producers and consumers are so static. Social AR allows people to interact with each other and digital media in a more intuitive way that feels more real. It is a cutting edge technology that breaks the norm of passive consumption.

Social augmented reality instagram filter with koi fish

Here at The Doodle People, we made a commitment to bring the future of technology and connection to today. We hope that our expertise in social AR will help to reduce innovation risks for companies looking to invest in research and development. It is the perfect tool for developing prototypes or minimum viable products because it allows you to visualise your products in the real world. 

Social AR is also excellent for building brand awareness and social media presence. Because this marketing tool utilises social media, it is usually aimed at a younger demographic. One of the goals of social AR is to take advantage of how social media content can go viral within minutes. It empowers users to put your digital content in a context that makes sense to them. They can use your products or message to create their own stories and share them with friends. This new form of interaction is much more memorable and impactful for audiences.

Social augmented reality instagram filter with hearts

Social AR also allows you to connect with consumers in a more profound way. It lets them experience your products in the digital world. This encourages them to seek out your products in the real world. 


This state of the art technology has limitless possibilities. Get in touch with us today and find out how social AR can empower your audience.

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