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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a fully immersive experience that engages multiple senses like vision, hearing and touch. The use of a headset and sound system simulates a virtual environment and allows them to interact with it. As you move around, the environment reacts and changes accordingly. The headset and controls brings you to a different world where you can completely escape reality.


Virtual Reality has a huge range of applications. It is excellent for inspiring innovation as it puts the user in a completely new environment and gives them a new perspective.

The fully immersive nature of virtual reality promotes focus because it blocks out external distractions.

The multi-player function can even promote collaboration and get team members to work closely together.

All these qualities can help to build an innovation culture that will help the company grow. 

virtual reality app intro page for University of Southern California

The Doodle People reduces innovation risks through our expertise of tools like Virtual Reality. We help companies that invest in research and development get the results they need. By building a model in virtual reality you can get a much more accurate evaluation of your product without wasting too many resources. This platform also lets users work with typically dangerous or expensive materials with zero risk because it's all digital. This makes it an ideal way to train new employees because their mistakes will have no impact or consequence. 


This visualization function can also be applied to presentations. You can show others a comprehensive product in the virtual world that you might not be able to show them in real life. These interactions are much more impactful and memorable than simply showing static slides. It allows you to show people your vision and perspective unimpeded.

Virtual reality prototype for USC virtual classroom

We made a commitment to bring the future of technology to today’s market. Virtual reality is part of that initiative. There is a need for media technology that engages people and allows them to connect on a deeper, more human level with digital content. We see the potential for better training, online learning, innovation etc. Talk to us today to find out how we can bring your ideas to life with virtual reality.

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