Chalk Alive Application

The Doodle People worked in collaboration with Walmart to create an augmented reality app that would allow the user to interact with chalk drawings.
Horizon Group USA
Augmented Reality Application
- Create an engaging experience
- Allow children and their parents to have fun together.

After drawing with chalk and a stencil, users could scan their drawing using the app and bring a character to life.


From beautiful mermaids to fearsome dinosaurs, there are so many experiences to explore! Chalk Alive captures the imagination of children and adults alike. 

Walmart was coming out with a brand new sidewalk chalk and wanted to add something special that would help their product stand out.
They wanted something futuristic, fun and interactive that kids would love! The Doodle People decided augmented reality experiences would be the best way to engage kids and spark wonder. 
The Doodle people started creating an augmented reality app that could scan chalk drawing and bring them to life.
Learning through play is at the center of The Doodle People’s philosophy so this project was so much fun for our design team.
All of the animations, models, interaction designs and graphics were made in house.
Each character is designed to not only be fun for children to play with but also capture their imagination.  They were painstakingly polished and revised so even the most energetic child would be immersed in the scenes. 
One of the biggest challenges for the team was the introduction of machine learning. Through many trials and tribulations our team managed to seamlessly incorporate this cutting edge technology. 
This project is one of our most ambitious to date. Our team is thrilled to see that all the hard work is being rewarded. Chalk Alive has already received half a million pre orders and the app has most recently been launched on android to great success. The final product has been released by Walmart and is sold exclusively in the US. 
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