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Peck'em - Bird Brawlers

PECK'EM is a chaotically casual multiplayer 3D arena fighting game featuring cute pigeons and over-the-top fight sequences. It is set in a future where all humans have left for the stars and made pigeons the guardians of Earth.
  • Establish an internal IP
  • Create a fun and engaging party brawler for all ages
Video Game

- A 3D arena fighting game where players brawl it out as unique Pigeons.

- A simplified control scheme so everyone regardless of age and skill level can take part. A wacky and loveable cast of Pigeon characters for players to get to know.

- Each pigeon is equipped with an over-the-top signature move that they can unleash to turn the tide of the battle!

- Set in Singacoop, a city inspired by the diverse, urban environments of Singapore.

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We wanted to help establish our identity of connecting generations through play with the use of video games as an interactive medium.
As a team, we want to create a light-hearted and friendly competitive environment for players of all ages.
Set in the fictional world of Singacoop, we hope that players will enjoy the fervor of the fast-paced and chaotic gameplay of our 3D party brawler
Learning through play is at the center of The Doodle People’s philosophy.

All of the animations, models, interaction designs and graphics are made in house.
The game is still in development, please head over to our Steam page to find out more!
To access more of our assets, please click below:
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