Our mission is to reimagine communication between businesses and modern audiences through new media content.


Who we are

The Doodle People was founded in Singapore, where an abundance of corporate businesses required innovative communication solutions for a digital social age that hadn't been tested yet -

so we ideated, developed, tested and critiqued those solutions to make sure they were the right fit for human audiences.

Animation + Augmented Reality

expands the ability of a business to attract, captivate, engage, and empower their audiences to be an active part of a brand's story.

The Doodle People is a creative studio that draws attention and creates impactful new media digital content for human-centered organizations.


Through our animation videos and augmented reality experiences, we aim to connect generations by bridging the gap between digital and physical lifestyles.

Above all, our creative studio

works for organizations and designs for people


We're in this to change the game

The Doodle People draws attention and creates digital content for human-centered organizations

and we can't do it without you

New media content for human-centered organizations

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