Our vision is to re-imagine communication between 
businesses & modern audiences through play.

We devise innovative media content that connects generations.


To do so, we create animations & augmented reality experiences
focused on capturing attention and creating impact.


The Doodle People began with the idea that play was valuable and important. The company  was founded in 2014 by Lim Soo Meng, a long-serving IT Engineer, who loved to doodle. 
He believed the passion for creativity he sidelined could be more than just a forgotten pastime.

With his vision in mind, we have since grown into a young creative studio. 
Just as our founder made his idea a reality, we help clients bring their ideas to life. 

Our animations have been a great part of our success, but we chose to look beyond conventional media. Technology as we know it today encourages anonymous, passive consumption;


The inability to interact using current technology makes connections feel less real and less human. 

We saw the need for new media technologies and made a commitment to fill that gap. We are now at the forefront of augmented and virtual reality. 

Our goals now are to unify
to create empowering experiences that inspire action. 

Join us as we bring the future of interactive media to today.

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Augmented Reality