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Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are animated videos that use colorful and compelling imagery to communicate a message. This style is cleaner and feels less sketchy or spontaneous then whiteboard animation. Overall, it has a professional look and feel that is polished to perfection. 


They are most useful when breaking down data heavy or complex materials into bite sized, understandable visuals. It presents an engaging alternative to long lectures or presentations with static, dull slides. We bring a concept to life, so that people can connect with your message on a deeper level. It is perfect for easily bored or unfocused audiences. 

Motion Graphic animation for WIT with hot air baloons

Our team can produce 2D or 3D animation depending on the look and feel you want. 2D animation has a much more classic and simple look, whereas 3D animation is more realistic. In fact, we are able to blend both 2D and 3D to create stunning multi-layered visuals. 


The Doodle People introduced this style of animation after whiteboard animations and it is a testament to how much our animation team has grown over the years. You would be sure to wow your audience and have a memorable presentation with our motion graphic style. 

Motion graphic animation with 3D and 2D animation

The range and flexibility of the motion graphic style is truly astounding. It is formal enough for any important meeting or research presentation. Yet, it is also captivating enough to serve as a music video!


We can display graphs, data as well as explosive and ever changing images. Motion graphics can be paired with music or a voice over that we can help you produce. The potential uses are endless!


Our animations can be used in communications, training and advertisements.

Even films, television shows, computer games or websites benefit well from motion graphics.


Our process of creation is all about you and your needs. We take the time to understand your project and why your message is important to you. We also maintain consistent communication with you so you can see the progression of the project first hand. Tell us about your vision today and we will professionally and efficiently bring your ideas to life.

Motion graphic animation for SMM with computers

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