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Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is designed to appear as though someone is drawing intricate images right in front of your eyes. The illustrations are fast paced and constantly changing, almost like a stop motion video.

Unlike a motion graphic, it is intended to have a sketchy, artistic look. 


For The Doodle People, whiteboard animations will always hold a special place in our hearts. It was the style of animation that launched and inspired the company. Since this company was founded in 2014, this style has evolved to become one of the signature services we provide. We’ve taken the time to refine this process to make it more efficient and client friendly. 

Whiteboard animation of Seng Kang Health Singapore

The Doodle People animation team has spent years developing and polishing this style of animation into a completely unique product. We took the idea of whiteboard animation and took it one step further. It is designed to flow smoothly from one idea to the next while also feeling spontaneous and light. We utilise bright colors and even some motion graphic elements to capture people's attention, all whilst maintaining the base form of a whiteboard animation and keeping that illustrated feel.


Our style is perfect for explainer videos as we can engage audiences and lead them through the progression of ideas. Instead of static and wordy slides that may bore your audience, captivate them with dynamic doodles. Our animation doodles help visualise complex topics so they’re easier for viewers to understand. This in turn can improve your communication and presentation skills. Whiteboard animations can have a voice over or be used as a visual support for a live presentation. 

Whiteboard animation of SMRT repairs Singapore\

Our whiteboard animation style is also flexible, it can be as funny, formal or flashy as you need it to be. Even the animations can be as intricate or as simple as you want. It is suitable for any boardroom, school or motivational speech. It is bound to impress your superiors, clients and audiences. Most importantly, you can use this tool to stand out from the rest and gain the competitive edge. Engage your viewers in a way that nobody else can. Talk to us today about how we can best suit your needs.

Whiteboard animation of Project Pari for Zonta Club of Singapore

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