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Augmented Reality
Immersive AR

Immersive AR is an attraction that can be set up at conferences or live events in Singapore. 3D cameras track the movements of your audience and translate them to visuals on a screen. 


The bright colors and exciting visuals attract attention are perfect for getting passers by to stop and have a look at your event. 

Social AR

Social AR is a state of the art marketing tool that breaks down the barriers of consumer and producer with interactive technologies.
Bring digital content into the real world through AR filters on Facebook and Instagram. Use a range of effects such as face filters, mini games, world effects and more to build brand awareness and market effectively. 

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are animated explainer videos that communicate data visually. Complex topics become easier to understand and mundane topics become exciting.  


You can use motion graphics for advertisements, training videos, computer games, websites and even television shows!

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animations are videos that enhance presentations using a technique that helps to guide your audience through the flow of your thoughts.

It provides visual support through seamless illustrations, as if someone is drawing as you talk.

They are perfect for board meetings, public speaking, education and even motivational speeches. 

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a simulated digital environment that fully immerses users through goggles equipped with screens.

It allows users to interact with a virtual 3D space while engaging vision, hearing and touch. 


This futuristic technology is perfect for creating prototypes, minimum viable products or showing proof of concept. Use VR to help reduce innovation risk.

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