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Since its inception in 2014, The Doodle People has championed the Arts in Singapore with the aim to build capabilities, drive innovation and support changemakers from within this sector.

During the pandemic, noticing the urgent need of the Arts sector to digitalize rapidly, The Doodle People increased its support for the Arts sector. The studio partnered with theatre groups and artists to produce works that combined art, technology and performance in a way that were highly interactive.

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Bai Bai Nian 拜拜年 Theater Performance

A Chinese New Year themed theater performance at the Festive Arts Theatre, featuring a TikTok filter used to represent the 'Nian' monster.

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An interactive theatre targeted at children that included the use of body motion capture technology and Augmented Reality, resulting in the young audience being able to “draw” on the walls.


DOTS Project

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A collaboration with a local artist to design four different heritage foods that could be brought to life as AR. Machine learning was applied as the combinations of colors that could be used were limitless.


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A collaboration with an extraordinary team of theatre makers to develop multi layers of technology that included project mapping, augmented reality, virtual reality, & live motion capture with all of the wonders of performance.

ART X TECH LAB 2021 - Architects of Reality

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Cloud House & Window by ATTEMPTS

A 3D rendition of a former arts house, Centre 42 that hosted a virtual event, Love Letters and an interactive theatre game, Window.

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