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SEA Aquarium Sentosa

A Message from our Director


Dear Innovators,


In the next two years, Singapore is set to redefine user engagement through virtual worlds, blending digital and physical experiences to enhance brand interaction. We've adapted our battle-tested technology from the UK and US into streamlined, cost-effective solutions specifically for Singapore's unique market. Our goal is to build partnerships that not only drive innovation but also connect generations through interactive and playful experiences. Let's collaborate to transform Singapore into a smart city, creating impactful brand actions and shaping a vibrant future together.

-Timothi Lim

Virtual World Packages for Spatial Platform

As a manager juggling multiple projects, I was skeptical about virtual worlds. But this package was a game-changer. Within just a month, we were up and running, no hiccups, no hidden costs — it was all very straightforward. It's the kickstart we needed without the fear of investment going awry.

Janice Lim, Project Lead

In our quest to innovate, we often face budget constraints and tight deadlines. This Standard package hit the sweet spot. It gave us the custom feel we were looking for without blowing our budget or timeline. The end result? A virtual world project that received accolades from our clients and stayed within bounds — that's a rare win in my book.

Arjun Singh, Operations Director

When I first pitched the idea of a virtual world initiative, there was excitement, but also apprehension about the cost-to-benefit ratio. Opting for the Premium package proved to be a smart move. The personalized features and detailed user engagement metrics gave us insights that far exceeded our expectations. It's been three months post-launch, and the numbers — and praises — are still rolling in.

Melissa Tan, Marketing Manager

Launching a virtual world experience that not only meets but surpasses industry standards was a tall order. With this custom package, our company didn't just make an entrance into virtual spaces — we set the bar. Six months down the line, we're seeing a phenomenal return, both in user engagement and brand recognition. This was more than a project; it was a strategic investment into our digital future.

Richard Koh, Chief Innovation Officer


Guided Consultation Services

For prospective clients uncertain about the right virtual world solution, we provide personalized guidance through consultation sessions. At a rate of $800 per hour, our Creative Director and Lead Producer will help you and your team (of up to 4 members) navigate your options and strategize the most effective path forward to achieve your aspirations.


Work with SG Artists

Artistic Direction, consultation and content creation from Singaporean Artists such as Studio Juliat, Debbie Ding, Angee Neo and more!

Cost + 30% - 50% of project cost depending on timeline and availability.


Virtual World Care

We take pride in our work and want to ensure that it goes the distance. Every package comes with a complimentary 3-month Virtual World Care; you can have a peace of mind as we are here to ensure that your virtual world stays up and running. After which, you may reach out to us to extend the service, based on a monthly or annual fee.


Special Discounts for Education and Non-Profits

We are committed to supporting educators, schools, non-profits, and charities in creating impactful virtual experiences. Qualifying institutions can avail of discounts up to 25%, tailored on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to us to learn more and to explore how we can collaborate for a greater cause.

HDB Heartland with Green Initiative Overdrive virtual world singapore
Orchard Road Shopping Celebration virtual world singapore

Deployment Options

TDP VWS Sales Deck - 2024.png

Standard Platform Porting Rates

Percentage Top Up
Supported Platform(s)
As costed above
Recommended for 1st timers
Web, Mobile Web, Android, iOS, Quest 3
Microsoft Mesh
Recommended for Corporate Teams that use Office 365
Recommended for Gamification + Engaging younger audiences
PC, Android, iOS
Recommended for Lifestyle & Fashion oriented brands
Android, iOS
Recommended for VR + Great for Events
All VR headsets - Quest, HTC Vive, PC
Recommended for large brands to throw events & add gamification
PC, Android

Web3 Specific Porting Rates

Percentage Top Up
Supported Platform(s)
Recommended for Web3 community Interaction & events
Web, PC App
Recommended for Web3 gamification
Web, PC App
Recommended for Web3 environment & visualization

For fully customized development on bespoke platforms, please contact us to learn more

Chinatown Singapore virtual world
Katong style virtual world Singapore

Case Studies

Toll Omniverse - Client: Toll Group

The Doodle People worked with Toll Group to bring their Singapore-based Innovation Center to life in the virtual world. Using our in-depth knowledge of Spatial and Unity Engine, we customized every aspect of the world to reflect their brand and values. The resulting 'Toll Omniverse' takes the player on a fascinating journey to learn more about Toll’s commitment to innovation and the future of logistics.

Click on the "Play" button below to check out the space.

"We wanted to better engage and co-create with customers outside of Singapore through an inspiring and engaging virtual experience based on our physical Innovation Centre. In the process, we evaluated 10+ metaverse/design agencies, and eventually chose The Doodle People due to their dedication to understanding us and their expertise in recommending the right platform to balance quality and performance.

Since then, The Doodle People team have completely blown us away with the depth of their creativity and quality of their designs. They were a true partner throughout the ideation process, often suggesting concepts that went beyond what we requested and which demonstrated their commitment to conveying our intended objectives and industry-specific nuances.

I believe the end-result speaks for itself. The space they have finally developed have exceeded all expectations, whether in content, design, or user engagement, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with The Doodle People."

- Toll Group

2023 TCEF Conference - Client: MOE

For the 2023 TCEF Conference, an interactive virtual event space was created for over 15k+ attendees using Spatial and Unity Engine. It featured a main lobby, exhibition booths, and poster presentation rooms with interactive and educational content, under the patronage of the Ministry of Education, Singapore.

Click on the "Play" button below to check out the space.

Client List

WebAR - TDP Company Deck July 2023 - WebAR Version (1).png

Let's Build Virtual Worlds Together!

Thanks for reaching out! We will be in touch with you shortly.


Scroll through our full list of on demand add-ons below:

Per Item Cost (SGD$)
Third-Party 3D Asset Modelling (Small)
Model size: 1MB to 5MB
Third-Party 3D Asset Modelling (Medium)
Model size: 5MB to 10MB
Third-Party 3D Asset Modelling (Large)
Model size: 10MB or larger
Custom 3D Asset Modelling (Small)
Model size: 1MB to 5MB
Custom 3D Asset Modelling (Medium)
Model size: 5MB to 10MB
Custom 3D Asset Modelling (Large)
Model size: 10MB or larger
Custom 3D Asset Animation
Around 10s of Animation Requires a 3D Model
Custom Gamification Modules / Functions Design
Based on request
Mini Game Systems (Single player)
Around 5 min of gameplay
Mini Game Systems (Multiplayer)
Around 5 min of gameplay
Full Game Systems (Single player)
Around 15 min of gameplay
Full Game Systems (Multiplayer)
Around 15 min of gameplay
Custom 3D Avatar Modelling
$5,000++ per Custom Avatar
NPCs (Non-playable Characters) and AI Navigation
$3,500 per NPC
Custom Avatar Animations
Around 10s of Animation Requires a 3D Avatar
Avatar Attachments and 3D Asset Design
$800 per Item
Documentation / Guide for Staff Walkthrough
Includes Guide and Onboarding Session
Custom Audio Composition by Professional Composer
Composition is 2 - 3 min and less than 10 layers
Custom Sound Effects (SFX) Bundle by Professional Composer
5 SFX One-shot; each SFX less than 5 secs
Additional Client Feedback Iteration / Cycle
Each cycle feedback is capped to a maximum of 40 manhours worth of tasks
On Demand Technical Changes or Upgrades
$1,500 per full work day (8 manhours)
Limited to max 40 manhours or 1 working week (5 man-days) worth of changes
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