Tell a story with attention-grabbing videos drawn by hand

How does it work?


Dynamic drawings captivate restless audiences

The words and pictures appear to be drawn spontaneously on what appears to be a whiteboard; unfolding before the audience’s eyes to market or explain an idea.

“Oh Look! Someone’s drawing!”

“Hey! This is fun to watch and I’m curious to see what the message is and how it will be relayed!”

Whiteboard animation facilitates a “flow state” in people – it is a visualization technique that not only invites but captures people to follow an idea or information through to its completion.

At the Doodle People, we have developed a unique technique that keeps the basic form of whiteboard animation but have added various elements that generate impact.

Besides commercial purposes, our whiteboard animation videos have been effectively used to share ideas about education, motivation, and social environments.


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Whiteboard, Motion Graphics, 2D Animation

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