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Are AI Meme Generators any good?

A CPU chip with AI marked on it

The internet is no stranger to the art of memes. Almost everyone browsing the internet in any way, shape, or form has probably seen one. And a good number of them would have gone to a meme generator site to make one for themselves. Be it to share a brilliant (meme) idea with the wider community or to make inside jokes to share with their friends.

Enter AI. Some meme generator websites began to use AI to generate memes, and over the years, they have demonstrated some impeccable ones.

Examples of AI Meme Generators

  1. Imgflip’s AI Meme Generator: Uses GPT-3 to generate meme captions based on popular meme templates.

  2.’s Meme Generator: Offers AI-generated meme suggestions based on user inputs and trending topics.

  3. MemeCam: An AI-powered tool that generates memes from photos uploaded by users.

Strengths of AI Meme Generators

So why are they able to make good memes? The main strength lies in the speed and efficiency. AI can quickly generate a large number of memes, making it useful for keeping up with fast-moving internet trends. On top of that, AI can take real time data to analyze trending topics and themes to create relevant memes that resonate with current internet culture.

But above all else, AI is not 100% able to fully understand every single context. How is that a strength you say? AI is not bound by the logical thinking that governs our daily lives and decision making. It can easily "think outside of the box" or associate themes not typically related to each other, resulting in ridiculous memes that make little logical sense, yet fits perfectly for nonsensical internet humor.

Barring the fact that AI is not able to generate original content, AI meme generators can be quite good, especially for generating a high volume of memes quickly. The act of remixing existing content and splicing in trending themes somehow created a new way to appreciate them.

So, excuse me while I return to Imgflip to seek out more memes to snigger away at.


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