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The Immersive LED System: A New Dimension in Concert Technology

The convergence of technology and entertainment has led to groundbreaking developments in how audiences experience live events. One of the latest innovations is the use of 3D glasses in concerts, enabling a fusion of virtual reality with live performances. This article explores the implementation of the Immersive LED System by Hibino Visual Div., a pioneering approach that integrates 3D technology in live concerts, and assesses its impact on concert-goers.

The Immersive LED System

The Immersive LED System, developed by Hibino Corporation incorporates the "Ghost Tile" 3D LED technology from Liminal Space, an American company. This system uses special 3D glasses to provide viewers with a three-dimensional visual experience that includes a depth perception unlike traditional 3D. The technology is designed to work seamlessly with live performers, real objects, and other stage production equipment, creating a holistic and immersive entertainment experience.

The Integration in Concerts

This innovative system was first utilized in Asia during the "POP OUT" tour by YOASOBI, a popular music duo known for their dynamic internet-based music production. The tour concept aimed to "jump out" from conventional frameworks, bringing the artists and their music to life in a way that feels tangible and close to the audience. The Immersive LED System played a crucial role by blending the physical stage with spectacular 3D effects, thus diminishing the traditional boundaries between the performer and the audience.

Impact on Concert-Goers

The introduction of the Immersive LED System has significantly enhanced the concert-going experience. Attendees of the YOASOBI concerts reported a unique sense of closeness to the performance, facilitated by the mixed reality environment. The 3D glasses allowed the audience to perceive a layered reality where digital art and physical presence coexist, elevating their sensory engagement and emotional connection to the music and performers.

Future Prospects

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for innovative and safe concert experiences has risen. The Immersive LED System represents a significant step forward in meeting this demand by offering an engaging and immersive experience that can be adapted for various types of events. Hibino Visual Div. continues to refine this technology at their Hibino Immersive Entertainment Lab, aiming to set new standards for live entertainment.


The use of 3D glasses in concerts, exemplified by Hibino Visual Div.'s Immersive LED System, marks a transformative moment in live entertainment. By merging cutting-edge technology with creative concert staging, they have created a new kind of immersive experience that could very well dictate the future of live performances. As this technology continues to evolve, it holds the potential to redefine how audiences interact with and enjoy live events, making the concert experience more engaging, interactive, and memorable than ever before.


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